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This is the ebony Moto X (Video)

By Michael Fisher January 30, 2014, 8:56 pm

It’s been quite a week for Motorola. We went from talking about a sale on custom smartphones to a sale of the entire company in less than two days. Now, a handful of editorials and one podcast later, we live in a world where Motorola is moving in with Lenovo while Google gets itself out of the hardware business – the business it just got into when it bought Motorola back in 2011. It’s enough to make anyone pine for simpler times.

But before the complexities of a corporate acquisition and debates over patent values take over our lives completely, we’ve got a piece of decidedly more-fun business to attend to. The ebony Moto X we ordered during Monday’s hour-long MotoMaker sale has arrived in record time, and it’s time to get to know it. Phones like these may well be the last pieces of custom flagship hardware ever to spring from Motorola’s American loins, so join us as we take a quick tour of our brand-new wooden Moto X!

Ebony Moto X unboxing & hands-on

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