Apple has also launched a new iPad Air during its latest event, but we will focus on what’s powering the show, as this will be the most powerful iPad Air thanks to the new Apple A14 Bionic chip.

Apple’s goal is to build a chip with industry-leading performance, powerful custom technologies, and extremely efficient energy use. It also desires to make every one of its products best in class,” and it seems that new iPad Air users will get the most of these words. As the new iPad Air comes with cutting-edge silicon process technology with its new A14 Bionic, which has been created with 5nm process tech.

The scale of this new process is so small that the 5nm transistors’ dimensions are measured in atoms, and it allows Apple to pack 11.8 billion transistors into the A14 Bionic, which translates to an increase of almost 40 percent over the last 7nm chip. More transistors also mean new features, increased power efficiency, and increased performance in almost every chip aspect. This new architecture runs more instructions in parallel, giving better performance at lower power in its new 6-core chip design, which offers two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. This makes the CPU 40 percent faster than the previous iPad Air model.

The A14 Bionic also features Apple’s latest GPU architecture, which has been scaled to deliver maximum sustainable performance, and it also provides 30 percent faster graphics without being so power demanding. To put this in perspective, the new iPad Air has two times faster graphic performance than a standard laptop, which is larger, thicker, and heavier. So if you want to edit 4K videos, create a masterpiece, or just play your favorite games, the new iPad Air with the A14 Bionic will handle every task without a problem.

Further, the A14 Bionic also features a much faster Neural Engine, thanks to its 16-core architecture. It will be able to take on 11 trillion operations per second, which makes it two times faster than the previous generation models, and ten times faster in ML operations thanks to its Machine Learning Accelerator.

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