The Apple Watch is shipping out today to those lucky owners that pre-ordered. Whether you’ll be among the first to grab it depends on a lot of factors. If you’re still undecided, wait for our full review, but if the bands are holding you back, you’ll probably be excited to find out that third-party Apple Watch bands could be available in the future.

Apple has published the Apple Watch User Guide (which you can find at the link below), and, the document refers to “Apple authorized bands”, in addition to Apple’s own. This means that Apple might be thinking of a program where non-Apple bands for the Apple Watch could go through an authorization procedure, hence opening up the wearable to third party accessories (parts).

We have so far not heard any information officially regarding such a possibility, but the document is pretty clear (you can see the screenshot below). Because of the way the band attaches to the watch, it is easy to replace it, and some manufacturers are already offering alternative bands for the Apple Watch. Whether some of these will be “authorized” or not is anyone’s guess, but Apple already has such a program in place for iPhone and iPad accessories.

Apple Watch Band Info

Source: Apple Watch User Guide
Via: 9to5mac

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