There’s probably no better time to quietly discontinue a largely beloved but outdated product than during a bitter rival’s jam-packed hardware event, and Apple apparently did just that yesterday, when all eyes were on Google.

Still, people quickly noticed the third-generation Apple TV, originally released way back in March 2012, vanishing from Cupertino’s e-store, with EOL confirmation obtained by a reputable Mac-specialized news website in the form of internal emails sent out to company employees and education partners.

While it’s certainly no surprise to see the early 2013-revamped digital media player terminated, some cash-strapped iFans may have trouble going the $150 and up fourth-gen route when its predecessor went for a measly 70 bucks near the end of the retail road.

Of course, there was no comparing the two, even if the 2015 model didn’t jump on the 4K bandwagon, with the third-gen version featuring a humble single-core processor, 512MB RAM, no user-accessible storage, inferior audio, no Siri, no advanced tvOS software, and no App Store access.

Besides, this could be yet another signal a fifth-generation Apple TV is right around the corner, finally stepping up from its forerunners’ 1080p limits, and maybe, just maybe taking notice of the competition with a reasonable price tag.

For now, let’s pay homage to the fallen, and remind you of no doubt supply-constrained $59 refurbished options.

Source: 9To5Mac

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