Maybe the only thing harder than trying to claim a record is being able to keep it. You work for so long to be the best at something, and then the second you let your guard down, someone else saunters right past you. When we’re talking smartphone details, this is an ongoing battle: you may have the highest-density screen, or longest-life battery today, but you’re always at the risk of someone else showing up out of the blue and one-upping you. This is a fact of life that makers of the thinnest phones around know all too well, and it looks like the crown for thinnest is about to be passed on to a new handset, as we get word of someone beating the current record-holder.

Just one month ago Vivo snagged the thinnest-phone spot, outdoing Oppo’s 4.85mm R5 with its 4.75mm X5 Max. Now China’s Coolpad is making a new handset for its Ivvi brand that promises to measure just 4.7mm thick.

Beyond that detail, the only other thing we know about this Ivvi phone is that it will also have a 4.7-inch display – the company just really want to run wild with that 4.7 number.

We’re sure there will be thinner phones still, pushing down closer and closer to the 4mm mark. But soon, and maybe for a while to come, there will be a new record-holder to beat.

Source: GizmoChina

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