Smartphones claiming to be the world’s thinnest keep popping up one after the other, each time shaving off barely noticeable fractions of a millimeter as they push further and further towards becoming essentially two-dimensional. Chasing such targets can often be a losing proposition for phones, trading important specs like battery life in order to slim down even more. That said, we can’t help but feel a little bit of awe each time a thinner and thinner phone turns up. Today we hear some more about the most recent model to have its eyes on the crown, the 5.6-millimeter thick Umeox X5.

When we told you about the phone back in July, we heard about the possibility of a European release. Now we have a few extra details on how the model will arrive. While Umeox manufacturers the X5, Thomson will ultimately bring the phone to Europe, and intends to introduce the phone at the IFA in Berlin.

We also learn some more about the X5’s hardware – while previously it was said to have an eight-megapixel main camera with a three megapixel front-facer, we now hear that both of the X5’s cameras could be five-megapixel components, instead. There’s also new uncertainty about the size of the display, and while we heard 5.3 inches before, it could end up being as petite as 4.

Source: GizChina
Via: Unwired View

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