Second-gen, substantially thinner Apple Watch rumored for WWDC debut

Apple’s recent hardware event may have brought us a new iPhone, and a new tablet, but it came up a little bit lacking for wearable fans: we got new Apple Watch bands, sure, and a new low price for the entry-level model, but isn’t it about time to see the launch of a second-gen Apple Watch? After all, it’s been a year and a half since Apple first announced the smartwatch, and nearly a year since retain availability commenced – in the mobile market, that’s an eternity. But so far while we’ve heard a few rumors of possible changes due for a next-gen Apple Watch, we’ve lacked a lot of certainty both in terms of what to expect from the hardware, and when we might hope to see Apple release it. Now a new analyst report attempts to start helping us out with some of those unanswered questions, pointing to plans to announce the new wearable at this year’s WWDC.

There’s not a lot in the way of hard evidence driving this report, and the analysis instead comes from interactions with Apple’s supply chain sources. Their work seems to suggest that the new Apple Watch will arrive ahead of the iPhone 7, and WWDC in June looks like the most realistic candidate for a launch platform.

As for hardware changes, we’re not hearing anything about watch-borne cameras or anything like that this time around (though there’s nothing new to suggest such features won’t be present, either), and this report instead focuses on the smartwatch’s physical dimensions: supposedly, the new Apple Watch could measure from twenty to forty percent thinner than its predecessor.

Measuring just north of 10mm thick, the existing Apple Watch is pretty par for the course as far as smartwatch thickness goes, but Apple could easily make itself stand out even further from the pack if it were able to deliver a new wearable that dramatically undercuts its competition.

Source: MacRumors

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