Zoom is one of the leading conferencing software apps that’s available on the market. This app has been used by millions of people lately because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it seems that it hasn’t been so effective or safe. We have recently seen reports where Google prohibits its employees from using this app over security concerns. Yesterday the US Senate also told its members to avoid using it over the same security concerns, and now, it may be completely banned in some places.

Zoom is now dealing with a new security issue that now would ban its use in Singapore because it allegedly led to child endangerment. Teachers in Singapore won’t be able to use Zoom after a “very serious incident.” According to Reuters, Singapore’s Ministry of Education has banned teachers from using the app after several young girls were exposed to obscene imagery and lewd comments from two male strangers.

The BBC also reports that 39 children were present during the conference call in which this incident took place. The class was immediately canceled, but the harm was already done. A Zoom spokesperson told the BBC that “We have been deeply upset to hear about these types of incidents,” and that “Zoom strongly condemns such behavior, and we encourage users to report any incidents of this kind directly to Zoom so we can take appropriate action.”

Apparently, Zoom is also looking for help to fix its privacy issues, and they have asked Facebook’s former chief security officer to provide safety solutions. However, we know that Facebook isn’t well known for keeping the privacy and data of its users safe.

Source Android Authority

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