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These have been some of the best smartphones in 2019

By Samuel Martinez December 23, 2019, 9:26 pm

2019 is almost over, and we have seen quite a selection of exciting devices this year. 2020 opens a window filled with new possibilities to improve and surprise, but while next year’s devices arrive, we have selected some of the best smartphones launched in 2019.

iPhone 11 Pro

The best device Apple, has delivered this year. It comes with a triple main camera that offers excellent flexibility. Its new Night mode will give you fantastic low light conditions, and this iPhone is one that may get you through the day. Maybe its only downside is its $1,000 price tag.

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Google Pixel 3a

This may be a budget phone, but it turned out to be everything the original Google Pixel 3 should’ve been. It looks, and it almost feels like a regular Pixel device, but maybe the best part is that it brings back the headphone jack. It has the same camera and picture quality as the regular version, and you will get fast updates for three years. On a negative note, it’s not water-resistant, and you get 64GB of storage space.


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Samsung Galaxy S10+

This may very well be the best smartphone of 2019, and now it’s even better because of the next Galaxy S11 series is on its way. That means that its price is going down consistently. It has one of the best cameras of the year, in-display fingerprint sensor, fantastic photo, and video quality, and it’s the last flagship to include a headphone jack. The only issues that stop this device from being perfect are its Bixby button that no one really wants or uses and its slow Android updates.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

A massive screen with tons of power and features. The Galaxy Note 10+ includes improved S Pen features and handwriting functionality. Its one of the best all-round performers of the year, and its massive battery and 45W fast charging will be great for power users. Unfortunately, it lacks a headphone jack its camera is basically the same one we find in the Galaxy S10+ and it’s still a bit expensive, but you can get the regular version and still enjoy this device.

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OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus has made some critical changes in its strategies this year. We received not two, but four devices and the OnePlus 7T Pro was the best they gave us. This device could still be called a flagship killer, since it includes tons of features, powerful specs, an excellent screen and design for less. It also has one of the fastest in-display fingerprint sensors in the market. Now, just remember that it’s not water-resistant, it doesn’t include a headphone jack or wireless charging, and its camera is good, but it can’t quite compete with other flagships.

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