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If there is anything that the last year has shown us, it’s that there are a lot of different ways you can learn to entertain yourself. Music is one of the best ways to fill your days, whether you’re listening to it, learning to read it, or playing it yourself. Here are some great deals on music and entertainment apps to bring more music into your life without having to pay too much for it.

Spotify Music Converter for Mac

This app will let you download your favorite music straight from Spotify, and you don’t even need a premium Spotify subscription to do it. Get the same quality of music you’ve grown to expect from Spotify, complete with all metadata associated with each song, downloaded to any device that can play mp3 files. You can get the Spotify Music Converter for Mac now for $19.99 while it’s discounted by 49%. 

ChordIQ Pro: Lifetime Subscription

Learning to read music can be as hard as learning to play it. With ChordIQ, you can learn to read music, recognize chords and scales, and improve so many other skills that you need to be a musician. Get ChordIQ Pro: Lifetime Subscription for $5.99 and easily master skills that alone would have given you treble.

Skoove Premium Piano Lessons: Lifetime Subscription

Skoove has been featured in Forbes, Wired, and so many other places because it’s the go-to app for learning piano. Learn from advanced AI that will recognize the notes you play and help you improve by identifying your weaknesses and designing exercises individualized to your needs. With 400 lessons and thousands of instructional videos, you’ll have plenty of information to make a flat performance sharp. Get Skoove Premium Piano Lessons: Lifetime Subscription for $149.99 while it’s 50% off, otherwise the price goes bach up to $299.

Audio Optimization Experience: Lifetime Subscription

This Windows and Mac-compatible software can enhance the quality of audio playing from your speakers or headphones without requiring a hardware upgrade. AOE is used by audiophiles of all kinds, from professional gamers to professionals who want clear audio in their conferences. You can start optimizing your audio in real time with Audio Optimization Experience: Lifetime Subscription for $49.99. 

EasySplitter Pro Vocal Remover: Lifetime Subscription

Editing audio can be exhausting, particularly when you have to separate instrumentals and vocals. EasySplitter is a great time-saving app that will split any song you give it into 4 STEMS for you to use however you want. In a few clicks and without compromising the quality of the audio, you can split a song into vocals, instrumentals, drums, and bass. Start saving time cleaning your audio with EasySplitter Pro Vocal Remover: Lifetime Subscription, on sale for $39.99.

SYQEL AI Powered Music Visualizer: Lifetime Subscription (Lite Plan)

With SYQEL, you can turn any song into a visual experience that will strike a chord with anyone watching. This AI-powered program will generate beautiful visuals based on any of the music you play for it. SYQEL will even pull from over 5,000 2D visuals to create a personalized visual feed for you, and it works on any device. You can get SYQEL AI Powered Music Visualizer: Lifetime Subscription (Lite Plan) for $49.99. 

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