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These best-selling carry gadgets are all on sale today

By Pocketnow Digital Offers August 28, 2020, 6:00 am

Whether you’re a constant commuter or enjoy taking frequent trips overseas, you need gadgets and tools that can help you live a happy and productive life while you’re on the go.

From wireless Bluetooth earbuds and UV sanitizing sticks to portable data storage devices and beyond, these best-selling carry gadgets are essential items for the on-the-go adventurer, and each one is on sale for a limited time right now. 

1. 2-in-1 Compact Smart Fit Watch & Bluetooth Earpods

MSRP: $159 | Sale Price: $69.99 (56% off)

Listen to your favorite tunes while you track your fitness goals with this multifunctional smart watch and wireless earphones combo. You’ll be able to track your heart rate 24/7, and it’s even easy to receive notifications on your devices for on-the-go tracking.


2. Rockubot® Pocket-Size Mini UV-C Sterilizer

MSRP: $59 | Sale Price: $38.99 (35% off)

Kill germs and bacteria that live on your phone, keyboard and more with this UV sanitizer. It’s small enough to take with you when you’re on the move, and an indicator lights tells you when it’s doing its job.

3. Stay Safe No-Touch Carabiner Tool

MSRP: $29 | Sale Price: $14.99 (50% off)

This carabiner tool will help you take your cleanliness to new levels, by helping you to avoid touching a wide range of common surfaces. It even acts as a hook, stylus, and hex driver for added convenience.

4. Photo Backup Stick® Universal

MSRP: $59 | Sale Price: $53.99 (9% off)

Ensure that your photos and videos are always safe with this backup stick. You’ll be able to transfer files directly from your smartphone, and there are no hidden cloud storage fees to worry about.

5. LutiKey Bluetooth Tracker Device

MSRP: $29 | Sale Price: $23.99 (20% off)

This Bluetooth device keeps track of your loved ones’ location, status, and needs at all times. It’s easy to hear alerts even when your phone is in silent mode, and individual locations are saved for the last 30 days.

6. WalletGuard24: Smart Bluetooth Wallet

MSRP: $89 | Sale Price: $79.95 (11% off)

Never lose your wallet again with this Bluetooth leather smart wallet. Made from genuine leather, this wallet comes loaded with a tracker that lets you find it when you’re in a hurry, and a powerful burglar alarm will keep it out of the hands of thieves.

7. Portable Keychain Apple Watch Charger

MSRP: $29 | Sale Price: $16.99 (43% off)

This sleek and portable wireless charger ensures that you’ll never have to worry about your Apple Watch running out of power. It connects easily to your laptop via a USB connection, and you’ll be able to toss it in your pocket at a moment’s notice.

8. Cashew Smart Wallet with Biometrics & Bluetooth

MSRP: $149 | Sale Price: $129.95 (12% off)

A favorite on Kickstarter, this wallet keeps your cards and cash secure at all times. You’ll even be able to utilize fingerprint access parameters for added security.

9. Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Superwatch (Renewed) – Black/Large, 6.7″-8.1″

MSRP: $149 | Sale Price: $84.99 (43% off)

Track cardio fitness, sleep, exercise stats and much more with this next-generation watch. It’s easy to send calls and texts directly to your smartphone, and calendar alerts will help you stay on top of your schedule.

10. EarFun Air True Wireless BT 5 Earbuds

MSRP: $59 | Sale Price: $54.99 (8% off)

These super-comfortable and compact wireless earbuds boast detailed highs and a rich low-end. They also sport 35 hours of battery life—meaning you’ll be able to use them for extended listening sessions even when you’re away from a power source.

Prices are subject to change.


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