AirSounds MAX

When it comes to discovering the ideal pair of earphones, the most important factor to consider is versatility. You want earbuds that can deliver unparalleled sound quality no matter what you’re doing. That’s the beauty of the AirSounds MAX True Wireless Earbuds.

These are the upgraded versions of the original best-selling AirSounds earphones. Now armed with new noise cancellation technology and modern ergonomic design, the AirSounds MAX True Wireless Earbuds are better than ever before. Just like the AirPods Pro, these earbuds provide the option to turn the noise cancellation feature on or off anytime. The ultra-soft ear tips feel weightless in your ears.

The best part about truly wireless earbuds is the absence of wires tangling or irritating your skin. Boasting Bluetooth 5.0 sound tech, the AirSounds MAX True Wireless Earbuds are currently only $59.99, which is 57% off the original price. Or get the 2-pack for just $109.99, which is 60% off.

AirSounds MAX True Wireless Earbuds – $59.99

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AirSounds MAX True Wireless Earbuds: 2 Pack – $109.99

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