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Themer by MyColorScreen takes complexity out of Android theming (Video)

By Brandon Miniman October 7, 2013, 11:10 am

One of the chief reasons we love Android because it’s so flexible and open. The best example of this is the homescreen where one can completely customize the look and feel of what is most certainly the most used part of the smartphone. With widgets, icons, custom wallpapers and third party launchers, the possibilities of customization are endless on Android and the results can be truly breathtaking. The website MyColorScreen is home to a community of Android “artists” that put forth their creativity to make beautiful Android themes. And, in some cases, instructions are posted on how to re-create the themes on your own phone. But even with detailed instructions, applying these themes to your own device can be a time consuming and frustrating process.


It is through this frustration that an idea emerged: what if there was an app that could apply MyColorScreen themes in one click? And, over the past six months, I became involved with the team responsible for creating Themer, which is a true one-click theming app now available in Google Play. It’s the kind of app that I’ve dreamed of having on my Android device, and now it’s a reality.

What’s amazing about Themer is that when you find a theme you like and hit Apply, all widgets, wallpapers, icons and settings are perfectly restored just as the designer intended. What’s more, with a feature called Themer Actions, it doesn’t matter if you use Spotify or Pandora or AccuWeather or WeatherBug, Themer will learn your preferences.

Currently the app is in beta, and, in order to make sure the theme-serving servers keep up, a code system is being used. To get a code, sign up at ThemerApp.com. Waiting for a code is indeed frustrating, but what is worse is an nonfunctional product, so the code system is the better of two evils.

Currently there are around 50 themes available in Themer. More will be added daily. Themes range from the beautifully minimal, to ones suited for productivity, to speciality themes showcasing Breaking Bad or GTA V. Below is a survey of my favorites.



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