The total cost of ownership for an iPhone 5 is $1,800

Owning a smartphone these days is what it’s all about, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cost you for the privilege. Marketing firm Avalaunch decided to spend some time calculating how much it would cost you to own a smartphone during the year, and you guessed it, the iPhone 5 is their first guinea pig.

So, unless you figured out how to get your iPhone 5 on eBay to play unlocked on your carrier, you’re most likely enjoying all the invisible benefits of a two-year contract. That said, the iPhone 5 would cost you more than the $200 that you had to leave at the store counter to take it home. Avalaunch did a good job in putting together a full info-graph of what you’d spend if you took the cheapest carrier plan, or the most expensive. The list also includes some of the obvious things iPhone 5 customers will most likely buy during those two years.

The result is as jaw dropping as you’d expect since those who took the cheapest plans, which I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to survive in, ended up spending $1,800. Those who decided to be brave about it going for the most expensive plans will cough an insane $4,800 after two years. Call this an eye opener if you ask me, but have a look at the info-graph to help you decide what’s right for you:

Via: Gizmodo

Source: Avalaunch

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