Pocketnow‘s evolution continued in 2017 with the full implementation of a new look website, but a big part of audience has come to know us through our YouTube presence. And in addition to our extensive access and coverage for the big device launches in our mobile technology sphere, we’ve also taken some time for some in-depth features this year which a strongly-represented niches appreciated.

But when it comes to the most popular videos on our page, there are some pretty obvious selections and then there are the more unexpected ones. Let’s go through those right here, right now:

5. LG G6 review

The first big Android flagship of 2017 starts us off on the most-watched list. Were we all just green to the year or green to the new features we’d be looking forward to throughout the rest of the year? The LG G6 was the industry’s first to feature a 2:1 display and the company’s first standard flagship to be water-resistant. Who cared if the phone had an “old” chipset? The Snapdragon 821 was just fine and the price for this phone turned out to be pretty conventional compared to what we going to see in the future.

4. “The New BlackBerry” (aka the KEYone)

It was the beginning of a renaissance for the BlackBerry brand as ODM partner TCL officially took over the reins with what it called “The New BlackBerry” at the time. Between the initial showcase at CES 2017 and when BlackBerry Mobile eventually started selling the phone in May, the device picked up the name “KEYone.” It was remarked for its massive battery life, a physical keyboard improved from the Priv and its plain ‘ol nostalgia triggers for a decent BlackBerry device that people wanted.

3. Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review

We raised a little hell with this video just because of a scuffle we got into with one of the press relations people Samsung employs. What’s in a brand after all? Is it a pair of earbuds made by AKG or a pair of Samsung earbuds tuned by AKG? What’s the difference anymore when Samsung had already closed its acquisition of AKG’s parent brand? In any case, as we figured that the Galaxy S8 would be one of the most commonly bought phones of 2017, why not give a damn about the most important accessory that comes with it?

2. Bixby: Top reasons why it rocks!

Well, would you believe it or not? Samsung comes up to us to sponsor a video about its Bixby AI platform, we give our usual honest take on it and blows up like none of our business. Yes, this smart assistant is more than competent at picking up data on the screen and making it malleable to users. Maybe if they weren’t forced to have a dedicated button just for Bixby, then Samsung would see more consumer enthusiasm around it. At least the company has all of next year to work on its strategy.

1. iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7

Our audience typically tends towards the Android side anyways, but the amount of vitriol on how little difference there is between the two generations of iPhone was amazing. To be fair, though, our comparison was meant to show if there would be as little a difference as there might be moving up a year. Instead, we found that our iPhone 7 aged poorly, more poorly than we could have estimated. And that may be what led people to share this video more often than any other video we produced in 2017.

So, what was your favorite video from Pocketnow this year? Link yours in a comment below and thanks for subscribing and watching! Let’s keep this going in 2018, shall we?

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