The Secret to Apple’s Reality Distortion Field

Simon Sinek’s speech at the Technology Education Design conference reveals the secret to Apple’s success. What’s actually innovative about Apple is not their products per se, but their marketing message which goes straight to the heart of WHY you should buy their products. Psychologically people aren’t always able to translate the functionality of a product into why you would want one, but if the commercials tell you why you should want it right off the bat, it’s much easier for people to understand that.

I wonder if Microsoft is starting to understand this approach with their KIN products. It’s obvious they were never able to tell anyone why you would want a Windows Mobile phone back in 2003 even though functionally they were far superior to the original iPhone.

From the commercials you’ve seen, do you get a clear sense of why you would want a Windows Phone or an Android phone?

(via CNN Money and Alltop)

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