Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

It seems that Samsung devices aren’t going to feature time of flight sensors for a while. The company’s latest flagship series has launched without one, and now, according to a recent report, we may have to wait even more time to receive this feature, as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 could also ditch ToF.

According to industry sources cited by The Elec, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 will arrive without ToF sensors, just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. Samsung reportedly decided to leave these sensors out of these devices because there aren’t many uses for them, and the sensors aren’t as powerful as Apple’s AR tech.

The basic issue is that Samsung used indirect ToF technology, which is not as powerful as Apple’s direct ToF tech. Apple managed to get exclusive access to these sensors from Sony, so Samsung can’t really compete. Therefore, the Korean tech giant has decided to wait and see how Apple uses these sensors in future iPhone devices. Then it shall reconsider whether or not to include ToF sensors in It seems that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 will leave out Time of Flight sensors from its camera setup.

Source SamMobile

Via The Elec

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