We toss Michael Bay under the bus for his abuse of explosions and lens flares, but when it comes to natural lens flare, you’ll find it on any camera lens. Whether its characteristics prove good or bad for any given photo will depend on the situation.

But there’s been this one glaring flare appearing at the corners of many cameras on the Google Pixel. Some users report that the subtle arcs have kept appearing on many of their photos and are distracting. They’re wondering about whether Google’s choice of glass is at fault.

Well, a Pixel team staffer responded to those concerns by acknowledging the reports on this issue and that the crew is working on a software fix through HDR+ to mathematically spot these flares and “subtract it from the image.”

“Also, there is no point getting your device replaced thanks to this issue,” said IsaacOnCammera on the Pixel User Community forum. “The Pixel camera’s lens structure is very highly controlled — this means that all Pixels take high-quality images, but it also means all Pixels have the same flare characteristics.”

Source: Google
Via: Phandroid
Image: Imgur (/u/CorruptedParity)

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