Sutro Tower telecommunication tower in San Francisco

T-Mobile came out of the 600MHz auction as the biggest winner by its count, but the FCC is now awarding other bidders their share of hard-fought spectrum licenses.

There were 50 winning bidders that chipped in $19.3 billion to get licenses across the nation. 15 firms got their licenses yesterday with a high concentration of awards in the South between Cellular South in Mississippi, Carolina West Wireless in North Carolina and CT Cube in western Texas. The Midwest and Mountain West are also getting covered with this wave.

Here’s the full list of winners along with the number of licenses won:

  • Carolina West Wireless, Inc. (14)
  • Cellular South Licenses, LLC (11)
  • Chanton Valley Telephone Corporation (3)
  • CT Cube, L.P. (12)
  • East Kentucky Network, LLC (3)
  • Inland Cellular LLC (2)
  • LICT Wireless Broadband Company, LLC (2)
  • NE Colorado Cellular, Inc. (15)
  • Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company (1)
  • Northern Valley Communications, LLC (1)
  • Nsight Spectrum, LLC (7)
  • SAL Spectrum, LLC (18)
  • Spotlight Media Corporation (8)
  • The Alaska Wireless Network, LLC (6)
  • Triangle Communication System, Inc. (2)

T-Mobile was awarded all of its winnings in the first wave of awards.

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