The Nokia Android phone(s): Nokia X, X+, XL launch at MWC

As part of its bid to “connect the next billion with affordable smartphones,” Nokia today announced the long-rumored Nokia X: the device formerly known as the Normandy and Nokia’s first-ever Android-powered smartphone.

In terms of specs, the headlining Nokia Android phone is everything we expected: a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 3MP camera, and 4″ IPS WVGA display place the device firmly in the “developing markets” segment, while its particular flavor of Android is predictably Microsoft-leaning in its loyalties: the tile-centric interface bears more than a passing resemblance to Windows Phone, HERE Maps powers its navigation suite, and the device comes with a free month of Skype calls to mobile phones and landlines. As expected, this is a decidedly Google-free version of Android: there are no Google services to speak of, and no Play Store in sight.

The Nokia X+ is functionally identical to the X, with the exception of memory: it bumps the onboard RAM to 768MB from 512MB, but storage remains the same: 32GB with MicroSD expansion.

Similarly, the Nokia XL is more of the same – just bigger. It increases the display size to 5 inches (though its resolution remains the same at 800×480), the battery size from 1500 mAh to 2000 mAh, and the camera resolution to 5MP.

All three feature dual SIM functionality and offer swappable back covers which allow users a choice in device color.

Nokia XL

Nokia XL

The Nokia X will lead the availability charge, going on sale for  €89 in March, with the €99 X+ and €109 XL following later in the season. The devices will mainly target Asian, South American, and some European markets.

We’ll have hands-on video featuring the Nokia X family up on the site just as soon as they make it through the upload queue from Barcelona. Stay tuned!

Source: Nokia

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