Is traditional print media dead? Probably not, but it’s slowly dying, as more and more people migrate from classic newspapers to online information consumption. The 24-hour news cycle can of course be put to better value on your computer, smartphone or tablet, not to mention the superior convenience of being able to easily search for background on stories, as well as different angles and interpretations.

Bottom line, it’s adapt to the Digital Age or watch how fewer and fewer publication subscribers put on their robes and slippers in the morning, and go out to fetch the material newspapers. The New York Times, which is still the largest US metropolitan newspaper by print circulation, knows it needs to step up its e-game, offering online day passes to buyers of its physical edition.

Even though digital circulation was more than double the print numbers in Q1 2015, at 1.5 million compared to 600K Monday through Friday, the NY Times is trying to further incentivize nostalgic folks, knowing full well sooner or later everyone will get his news from the World Wide Web.

As such, all Times copies now come with keywords that must be texted to a provided phone number for an access link to the organization’s entire database. The daily permits expire at 11:59 PM EDT, and otherwise, the New York Times doesn’t grant admittance to its website for such a short window.

You can instead pay $3.75 a week for a smartphone and web subscription, $5 to get the tablet app up and running, and $8.75 for “all digital access”. Or you can settle for the 10 daily free articles offered to all, regardless of gadget or platform.

Source: Tech Times

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