Samsung Galaxy Fold review

We received many rumors concerning the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold W20 5G. Some of those rumors said that this device would arrive with a clamshell design like the one we got with the Moto Razr. Now, we see that we may see a clamshell device, but until the arrival of the future Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold W20 5G is launching on November 19th in China. This new device isn’t so new as we expected. It’s the 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Fold that we’ve already seen. The device will be available thanks to China Telecom, and it will arrive in an exclusive white color. It also shares the same specs as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, so its main difference will be its 5G connectivity. We also get rumors that suggest that this device will have a Qualcomm SD 855+ instead of the regular S855, but we will have to wait for confirmation.

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