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The new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will include a small cover display

By Samuel Martinez November 21, 2019, 3:00 pm
Samsung foldable clamshell smartphone

There is more and more information showing up every day that mentions the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The latest source claims that this new Fold will include a small cover display, even though it may be a limitation of the form factor.

It is believed that the next Samsung Galaxy Fold will have a clamshell design. This would make it compete directly against the Moto Razr. Like the Razr, this device would have to include a secondary display in its cover. This display would let us see information about the battery, some animations and possibly, notifications for incoming calls or messages. It is also supposed to have a much narrower aspect ratio, and maybe the secondary 900mAh battery would compliment this secondary display just perfectly. Samsung is also expected to launch a follow-up to the original Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now, we will just have to wait for more rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, or maybe a leak that gives us a better idea of what to expect.

Source: SamMobile


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