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The new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is coming, and you won’t believe its price

By Samuel Martinez December 3, 2019, 7:40 pm
Samsung Galaxy Fold review

Samsung has teased a new Samsung Galaxy Fold with a clamshell design. For a while, we believed that this new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 was going to launch in India as the Galaxy Fold W20 5G, but what we got was a 5G version of the original Galaxy Fold. Now, a new report from South Korea gives us a possible launch date and even a new price that could easily place this device in any user’s pocket.

According to a new report, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may be launched in February 2020. Yes, it may even share the spotlight with the next Samsung Galaxy S11 series, as they could arrive during the same event. This new clamshell designed Galaxy Fold 2 may even be priced below the Galaxy S11+. It seems that the new Galaxy Fold would be priced at $850, making this the first affordable foldable phone. The original Galaxy Fold has allegedly sold over 500,000 units, even with a $2,000 price tag. This success has made Samsung believe that they can sell up to 6 million foldable phones in 2020. This report also mentions that we may get an improved version of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold sometime in the second half of 2020. Would you be interested in getting a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 for $850?

Source SamMobile

Via The Korea Herald


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