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The Most Sexy Unboxing Ever (of the Droid X)

By Brandon Miniman July 23, 2010, 9:20 am

The “unboxing” is a relatively new phenomenon. We do one anytime we receive a new gadget here at pocketnow.com. It allows you, the viewer, to vicariously experience that first time exciting feeling of opening the box and revealing the product from its factory packaging. We’ve done nearly 110 of them on our video channel, but usually they’re pretty geeky, and not very sexy. Revision 3 TV tried their hand at doing a truly “sexy” unboxing, and the results are quite good. Take a look at the below video where the Droid X gets unboxed with a whole lot of sexy. This is safe for work. We promise.

(via: Revision 3)

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