From the outset, Frank. sounded like a model case of tech entrepreneurship. And then the reality kicked in as tech enthusiasts started chipping away at the company. What lessons can we learn about the Frank. phone? Is there a viable case for consumers to take up? We talk with the top of the company on this show.

Plus, T-Mobile goes nuts for Netflix and ZTE may go two-faced for AT&T! Make way for the Pocketnow Weekly!

Watch the video recorded from 3:00pm Eastern on September 7th, or check out the high-quality audio version right here. You can shoot your listener emails to [email protected] for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air the following week!

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September 7, 2017


Juan Carlos Bagnell

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Fahd Alhattab (Frank.)

Moe Omer (Frank.)


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Frank. is somewhat of a rarity in our space: it’s a Canadian upstart led by a 17-year-old. If anything, that would be a story to follow when it comes to the creation of a smartphone.

And then, the sketchy points started racking up. The project initially was set to be on Kickstarter, but looser crowdfunding site Indiegogo offered a better promotional package. The phone was caught out to be a reference design from a Chinese ODM. And the full retail price of this phone that cost $150 to make was not going to be the early bird price of $180, but something more like $280.

So, what gives? We explore all the angles and take some of your questions to the top: Fahd Alhattab and Moe Omer of Frank Technologies.

See you soon!

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