Our LG G6 Review Rebuttal has stirred up a little brouhaha and is getting us into a discussion about what our Real Camera Review lacks. Because controversy and clickbait are strange bedfellows to sit beside. But not as weird as… the King. We circle around LG, dance with watches, laugh at the “liquidmorphium” phone (again) and circle around… Samsung… hey, wait!

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Pocketnow Weekly 248

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April 13, 2017


Juan Carlos Bagnell

Jules Wang

First Things First…


LG G6 review

We take on the other, uglier side of the LG G6 in our Review Rebuttal and discuss why our Real Camera Review series doesn’t include a key component to many users’ experience: speed.


53:01 | OK, Burger King, was this really a good idea?

58:05 | Windows Cloud heads for ed heads on May 2

1:05:43 | Bixby holds back Samsung

1:11:28 | LG bootloop class action expands

1:15:51 | US Cellular is going to keep it in the family

1:20:24 | T-Mobile snatches basic ZTE Quartz AW2 watch

1:23:39 | Fitbit acquires ingredients and fans, but can it deliver?

1:27:09 | Apple’s said to be cutting down on sugar for the Watch

1:33:46 | Turing’s getting TCL to build its “liquidmorphium” phone

Listener Mail


Travis ponders how to get his thumb from here to there while Andrew (yes, that Andrew) is wondering about Samsung entering into a new age of gimmickery. We didn’t mention it in the show, but we wanted to include Renato’s thoughts following last week’s discussion on how the Galaxy S8 handles its battery.

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