“The iPhone 7 camera app is not intuitive” – Change our view! (Video Debate)

The iPhone camera is praised for its simplicity, but does it really have an intuitive design, or is it popular for its familiarity?

Apple should be praised for setting a high watermark for building camera into smartphones, and the iPhone has done a phenomenal job in introducing consumers to concepts like High Dynamic Range photography in an accessible way. However, as Apple adds more features and settings to a “simple” app, is the app still easy to use. Consumers are becoming more familiar with features like 60FPS video, UHD video, and the current app doesn’t at yet support RAW photo capture, though the phone will produce RAW images through third party apps.

While features like Live Photos are fun, what about improving on the core experience? Can we retain the basic function of this app while improving the structure of menus and settings? Let’s have a friendly debate!

“The iPhone 7 camera app is not intuitive” – Change our view!

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