Sadly, The iPhone 4’s Fail Won’t Be Windows Phone 7’s Opportunity, But Android’s

Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner just made one of those bold statements that really leaves you with a sarcastic look on your face: “It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I’m okay with that.” True statement for the most part, accurate if we consider Vista being a great evolution from XP, but badly made. Same deal with the iPhone 4 being a great revamp of the iPhone line, but with a technical flaw they’re still not willing to address, and bad enough to leave lots of customers feeling sour about keeping it.

The sad part about the rest of the statement is timeliness: “One of the things I want to make sure you know today is that you’re going to be able to use a Windows Phone 7 and not have to worry about how you’re holding it to make a phone call,” Which to that we’d respond: “Ehh.. Kevin.. What Windows Phone 7?? You’re still months away from releasing it!!!!” Can you really hold something either right or wrong when it still doesn’t exist?

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Some of us have been drooling for Windows Phone 7 to hit the shelves ever since the concept was just a project years ago. We saw a great future for the operating system at the beginning of the year, but they’ve been sooooooo slow at its release, they’re just about to miss their best opportunity ever to really dent the market with it! Just think of the timeline, Windows Phone 7 get’s announced months before the iOS4 and the iPhone 4 were announced, but still Apple managed to get things done months before their competition. Apple’s release has gone all bad, and still we’re months away from anything close to Windows Phone 7.

Here’s where things get complicated. The way this deal works is that surely Apple has accepted to waive their 30 day restocking fee if users choose to return their iPhone 4. So for early adopters, that date is exactly 10 days away. The question is: Do you really think these deceived customers are just gonna return it, end up without a phone and wait three months for Windows Phone 7 to exist? Not in this generation..


So who’s on time to really embrace new customers with open arms? You guessed it,.. Android. Samsung’s new Galaxy S series, HTC’s Evo, Motorola’s Droid X among others are just a small portion of the Android offering in our market these days and Froyo is just in time to make people think about adopting it. Innovations still keep coming, HTC’s Sense for Android just gets better on each release and people are not stuck to At&t’s lame network to be able to have one.


Surely there is a list of customers that simply went for a Bumper, others which still hold on to their iPhone 3Gs until the coast clears, and others who don’t have a problem or feel it isn’t a big deal. Much like what happened between Vista and Windows 7 where Vista’s bad performance never hindered people’s faith in 7, timeliness is everything. We could see Apple fixing the problem, quietly recalling defective products or giving away bumpers in these 10 days that are left.

I really wish Windows Phone 7 well, I do want to add one of the Dell leaks to my lineup of work horses, but I feel they just blew it in not turning this product into another KIN. Microsoft made a huge mistake years ago in underestimating the iPhone and later Android, but it seems they still haven’t learned their lesson with such a slow and lame product launch for Windows Phone 7.

Google on the other hand is a whole different animal, and just as we’ve confirmed that they’ve stopped playing nice with Apple, signs are clear everywhere that they’re here to dominate whatever Apple leaves behind without mercy.

What do you think? Would you be willing to wait three months without a phone? I know I wouldn’t..

Via: Computer World

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