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The iPhone 11 doesn’t do so well in DXOMark’s selfie camera rank

By Samuel Martinez May 8, 2020, 11:15 pm
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It seems that the selfie camera in Apple’s iPhone 11 isn’t good enough to be in DXOMark’s top ten. A full review of the 11’s camera has been published today, and its 12MP camera will only be able to deliver “decent performance.”

The iPhone 11 has received an overall selfie camera score of 91 in DXOmark’s ranking. This places the device one point under the 11 Pro Max, and it’s all because of their differences in the focus category.

Focus is a bit of a weak point for the iPhone 11 and a category in which it performs worse than its cousin 11 Pro Max. The subject is in focus when capturing selfies at close distances, but at longer distances—for example, when shooting with an extended selfie-stick—the face is noticeably more out of focus than on the iPhone 11 Pro or the Galaxy S10+. Subjects at the back of group selfies are also noticeably out of focus.

DXOMark says that the selfie camera in the 11 Pro Max is “capable of maintaining better sharpness than the iPhone 11 as the subject moves further away from the camera.” More noise is also found in the pictures taken in low light environments. When we talk about video, the iPhone 11 is described as “a good option, but not among the best.”

On the upside, the iPhone 11 does slightly better in the color category and manages noise a little better than the Apple flagship phone. Exposure is accurate in bright light and under typical indoor conditions and drops off only in low light. Video footage also shows pleasant color, with good white balance and smooth transitions in changing light conditions.

If you’re curious, the first place in the selfie camera department belongs to the Huawei P40 Pro, followed by the Huawei Nova 6 5G. In third place, we find the Galaxy S20 Ultra, followed by the Galaxy Note 10+ 5g. The iPhone 11 is placed in the 13th position, while the 11 Pro Max takes the 9th spot.

Source 9to5Mac

Via DXOMark

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