Update: Mere minutes after the general announcement, T-Mobile confirmed it’ll be the first to carry the “Sprinkle White” 5-incher on US shores, charging $160, or $6.67 a month for two years, with $0 down, starting July 13.

With all the budget mid-range options you have these days from Chinese manufacturers, it’s amazing to realize that once you take them out of the equation as well as the brands you see on the online marketplaces, we’re talking about some pretty boring options. I mean, have mercy on the prepaid carrier customers, jeez.

Well, HTC is once again trying its hand in that shoestring sweet spot with the Desire 530, a phone we saw back at MWC this year. Yep, this one’s got a polycarbonate build, but you still have to admit that the whole “micro splash” design is a nice twist.

As a reminder, we’re talking about a quad-core Snapdragon 210 and 1.5GB of RAM powering what’s on a 5-inch, 720p display. This Desire’s got BoomSound, Android 6.0, 8 megapixels on the rear camera and five out front and three colors — Sparkle White, Blue Lagoon and Stratus White.

T-Mobile’s and Verizon’s prepaid and postpaid operations will carry the phones on their own terms. HTC.com will have unlocked Sparkle White units at $179 within the month.

Source: HTC

Adrian Diaconescu contributed to this article.

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