Pixel 4a

With so many delays, we are expecting the Google Pixel 4a sometime this year. The latest rumors suggest that the device will launch on July 13, but the information is not confirmed. We basically know everything there is to know about this device since we have seen the phone’s specs, camera comparisons, hands-on videos, and more. However, this is the first time that we see the device listed on a French retailer’s website.

It seems that the new Google Pixel 4a is already listed on a couple of French retail websites. The guys over at Android World found the deice on Ordimedia and eStock.fr. The device appears with two color options, Just Black and Blue. The Just Black version would arrive with model number GA02099-FR, while the Blue would be GA02101-FR.

Both devices come with 128GB in storage, and they could arrive, with estimated delivery within 8 to 12 business days, or at least that’s what we can read on these websites. We can also see that the prices for these devices would be €506 for the Just Black version and €441, for the Blue Google Pixel 4a. Now, don’t get too excited. Remember that according to good sources, the Pixel 4a may launch until July, and it would be released until October 22, but these are also rumors, so take it with a fair amount of salt.

Source GSM Arena

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