Google Pixel 4a, prakhar khanna

We are a couple of weeks away from the official launch of the new Google Pixel 4a. This device is supposed to arrive on May 22, and it’s also supposed to include a hole-punch selfie camera. Now, this last piece of information could’ve already been confirmed thanks to a screenshot taken by Rick Osterloh, Googles SVP of Hardware.

Rick Osterloh has recently earned the Earth badge on Fitbit, and he shared the screenshot on Twitter. However, this has revealed some information about the upcoming Google Pixel 4a. The screenshot could’ve been taken on a Pixel 4a devices. It is believed that the clock and some of the icons in the status and notification bar were pushed to the right, to make space for the devices new punch-hole selfie camera. In other words, he could’ve just confirmed one of the device’s new hardware features.

Now, what makes this image a bit more interesting is that he captured this screenshot at 10 am, and he was already at 80 percent battery charge. This could mean that the device drains its battery pretty quick, or who knows, this is just speculation, with a bit of concern. Let’s imagine that he unplugged his device at 7 am, that means 20 percent of charge gone in three hours, you do the math.

Source GSM Arena

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