Apple has now added the 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro, which was the first 13-inch MacBook Pro to come equipped with a Retina display to its list of obsolete devices. For the unaware, the Retina display was first introduced with the 15-inch MacBook Pro released in mid-2012. Later that year, Apple launched an updated MacBook Pro in a 13-inch model. It came with a Retina display, flash storage, and upgraded processors. While the 15-inch variant became obsolete in July 2020, the 13-inch model has now been added to the list.

What does being obsolete mean?

As per Apple, products that have been discontinued for at least seven years are classified as “obsolete.” This means that they are unable to receive any hardware service from Apple or its service providers.

Meanwhile, nine years later, Apple is planning to introduce a new MacBook Pro with SD card slot and HDMI port. It could be coming soon as the launch is rumored to be scheduled for the second half of 2021. According to recent rumors, Apple plans to release two new MacBook Pro models equipped with an HDMI port and SD card reader. For reference, the SD card slot was part of the I/O on the pre-2016-era MacBook Pro.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly working on refreshing both 14-inch and 16-inch variants of its MacBook Pro. Both these devices are tipped to move away from Intel processors and be powered by the next-generation versions of Apple’s in-house Mac processors. The upcoming MacBook Pros are rumored to feature brighter, higher-contrast panels.

Moreover, Apple could also bring back MagSafe for Macs. Over the past five years, Apple has relied on USB-C ports for both power and data transfer on its laptops. Now, it is said Apple is bringing back its magnetic power adapter. It is likely to allow the laptops to charge at a faster rate.

Via: Macrumors

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