The fight for Lytro and the flight of Huawei | #PNWeekly 297

While Huawei failed to gain ground with any potential carrier deal in the US, it has yet to lose it, even with the government hunching over the Chinese tech company’s influence. But now, the word is that Best Buy could be slipping away, big time. We’ll talk about that in our second segment.

Plus, Lytro is wearing a huge target on its back and all the archers just want its guts. Verizon is selling the Galaxy S9 to iPhone owners and Apple just doesn’t seem to care. That and all the mobile tech news to come on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly!

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Pocketnow Weekly 297

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March 23, 2018


Juan Carlos Bagnell

Jules Wang


Uphill Huawei

Huawei Mate 10 Pro review rebuttal

Best Buy is reported to be ending its carriage of Huawei products in the coming weeks. While the tech manufacturer says things are on the status quo for now, the company has been writhing and raging at the US government’s nudging of carriers, retailers and anyone vaguely in the telecoms space to avoid doing business with it and any other Chinese firm. Why? China’s a huge cybersecurity threat.

Huawei, in the meantime, may end up losing ground it had built up on the retail side. Will other sellers go? Or did Best Buy get particularly incensed with that sketchy Mate 10 Pro contest that the phone maker pulled together by encouraging people to review the product before its US release?

See you soon!

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