The Biggest Winners of 2013: Prediction

It’s that time again when we slowly need to get used to writing a new number when mentioning dates; luckily thanks to our smart devices we don’t need to go out and look for a 2013 wallet calendar, unless we really want to. It’s that time when we look back at what happened this year, with all the goods and bads, and anxiously look forward to what next year might bring.

As usual here at Pocketnow we’re happy to tell you what we think, and we’re excitedly waiting to hear your opinions, in our upcoming series which will contain both 2012 recaps and 2013 predictions.

We’ll have something for everyone! Every day this week expect a new piece gathering the thoughts of our team members regarding the topic at hand. We’re continuing our series with our predictions for the biggest winners of next year and here’s what the Pocketnow team members think:

Adam Lein

Senior Editor

Samsung will probably continue to succeed with Android, as will Apple with iOS mostly based on their brand and ecosystem popularity, but Nokia is hell-bent on being more innovative than anyone else and that will likely be more apparent in 2013.

Anton D. Nagy

Managing Editor

I think it’s going to be a crucial year for Apple. iOS is being criticized more and more for its unchanged looks and some of their devices are still reusing the popular, but rather old design (iPad). However, with Jonathan Ive’s new responsibilities for iOS and his exceptional design aptitudes, I’m confident that both the mobile platform and hardware will see a new direction. We’ll see an improved, facelifted iOS, a slimmer, lighter iPad, a better iPad mini and an incredible next iPhone.

There’s another company for which 2013 will be crucial: HTC. Similarly to Apple, HTC also has what it takes to pull it off. We’ve already seen indications of things to come with the Droid DNA/Butterfly and a new marketing team will have a solid responsibility not only in selling the products but in reestablishing that brand recognition which was characteristic for HTC a couple of years ago.

Brandon Miniman


iOS 7 is going to be a big change, now with Johny Ive working on the UI. I think it’s pretty tough to imagine what Apple would do with their five-year-old interface (and no, we’re not getting a screen of widgets!), which gets me excited to see what they’ll come up with. It’s time for a new wave of UI innovation in the smartphone space.

Jaime Rivera

Multimedia Manager

Predicting 2013 is difficult. Who would’ve thought that Samsung would own 2012? Mobility has blossomed in ways we could have never imagined five years ago, and 2013 will be the year where platforms will settle down and mature on my book.

Android is now what we wanted it to be since version 1, and iOS finally gets new leadership to evolve it into what we’ve been begging for since over two years ago. I feel the combination of Android and Samsung will continue to rule, and as much as many don’t want me to state the obvious, it’s a mathematical certainty that Apple will too.

I do wish I could add Windows Phone to this list, but given its sluggish adoption in comparison to iOS and Android over that same period of time, I doubt it.

Joe Levi

Senior Editor

You all know me as “The Android Guy” and you’re expecting me to pontificate on some Android -related device, app, or technology. I’m going to take a different tack. You, the end user, regardless of your platform preference or carrier are going to be the biggest winners in 2013. Depending on who you include, we have three or four major players all battling for the number one spot in the OS race. Each is learning from the others and making improvements which are only going to make our experience better.

Michael Fisher

Senior Editor

iOS has been behind the 8-ball in terms of user interface design for years, but not until the departure of VP Scott Forstall did the notion of change begin to seem a real possibility. With Jony Ive now heading up the company’s human-interface division on both hardware and software, we may be due for the first real OS overhaul since the iPhone’s 2007 launch … eliminating one of the largest gaps in functionality between iOS and its contemporaries.

HTC found its footing again in 2012, but still spent most of the year paying for 2011’s profound mediocrity. With new devices like the Droid DNA/Butterfly on Android helping HTC show off what it does best again, paired with solid, eye-catching efforts and big partnerships on the Windows Phone side, HTC seems poised to get its groove back in 2013 — assuming it stays the course.

Stephen Schenck

Chief News Editor

I’ve got high hopes for RIM in 2013. I don’t know if BlackBerry 10 will put on a big enough showing to make inroads against the other platforms, but I’m a heck of a lot more optimistic than I was just one year ago. Other than that, it’s hard to point to specific devices or platform changes I’m anticipating, though I do expect Samsung to come through again with some fantastic Android gear.

The Pocketnow Reader

That’s You!

Let us know of your thoughts in the comments below. Upvote your favorites and we’ll update this post to reflect the biggest winners of 2013, according to You. Top three upvoted will make it here, you know, for posterity!

Update: According to comments, upvotes minus downvotes, The Pocketnow Reader considers Samsung, Apple, Windows Phone/Nokia as winners for 2013. If you don’t agree, contribute in the comments with your own take, upvote or downvote.

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