2016 was a tumultuous year for technology.  Some highs. Some lows. and some fun surprises. Summing up the smartphone landscape in a single video is a tough proposition, but it’s a challenge we’re ready to handle. This task was too large for just Juan and Jaime, so we reached out to the whole Pocketnow Editorial team with a secret ballot. We also brought back an old face to use as a tie breaker, and the results are in. This isn’t just one writer’s personal ramblings on which phones they liked best, this is vetted by the entire staff.

Divided by price categories, we’re recognizing the top three phones in the budget range under $300, the mid-range under $500, and devices with a premium price tag. With all that explanation out of the way, here are the best of the best smartphones for 2016.

The Best Smartphones of 2016 at Any Price

Best Audio Phones of 2016
Best Phones at Any Price
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Pocketnow Real Audio Reviews

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