The 1975 are playing… games with Android SMS logs and Google search

If Google search users on Android devices are looking up facts or tickets for English rock band The 1975, they should know to watch out for the address Not

For some reason, a query for (with two periods) tips Google Assistant off to generate a list of recent SMS your Android phone has received. The bug, reported by /u/Krizastro on Reddit, has been confirmed by many Android users. Oddly enough, the same thing happened when /u/riscum searched for “Vizela viagens,” a Portuguese travel agency.

Some have found permutations of “Vizela viagens” that generate the same result: Vizel viagens; Izela viagens and; Zela viagens. In the case of the Manchester-based group’s website, “THE1975..COM” and “the1975.#com” also work.

Some have speculated that Google’s script reading may have inappropriately detected an emoji header, but the conversation seems to be focused on various characters after “5” such as the period, forward slash and pound sign.

Google has yet to address the issue. Users can access their text messages through Google Assistant by searching for “see my messages.”

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