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The 10 best Black Friday deals of the season can be found in one place

By Pocketnow Digital Offers November 27, 2020, 4:00 am

If you’re doing your holiday shopping from home this year, you may have already got a headstart with early Black Friday deals. Now that Black Friday is in full swing, the deals are even better, and we happen to have the best deals of the season. 

We’ve rounded up 10 amazing deals on gadgets, apps, and eLearning courses that you can grab for up to 70% off

Apple AirPods Pro

When it comes to Bluetooth earbuds, the AirPods Pro is the best of the best. Tom’s Guide gives it a 5 out of 5, stating “With active noise canceling, a better fit and resistance to sweat, the AirPods Pro is the ultimate wireless earbuds.” On top of that, users enjoy an adaptive EQ that adjusts to the shape of your ears, easy to use controls and audio sharing between fellow AirPods users. Best of all, we’re offering them today for $30 dollars off MSRP. 


Get the Apple AirPods Pro for $219 (Reg. $249).

The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle

If you’re an aspiring photographer, graphic designer, or videographer, learning the apps in Adobe CC is practically a requirement. This certification course bundle features eight courses on how to use some of Adobe CC’s most popular apps, like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to enhance images, design logos, color grade, and more.

Get The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle for $10.20 (Reg. $33.99) with promo code BFSAVE70.

Mobile Pixels TRIO MAX: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

Whether you’re a gamer, a coder, or a student, nothing boosts your productivity like additional monitors. The Mobile Pixels TRIO MAX triples your screen real estate with two flip-out displays running at 1080, allowing you to multitask more effectively. Raising over $1.4 million on Indiegogo, the TRIO MAX is a fan favorite that you can score at a huge discount this Black Friday.

Get the Mobile Pixels TRIO MAX: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor for $255.20 (Reg. $319) with promo code BFSAVE20.

The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone

Who knows how long we’ll be stuck in quarantine? We all need new suggestions to keep us entertained until this all blows over, and this 3-app bundle can help. It features lifetime subscriptions to Rosetta Stone, 12min, and VPN Unlimited, so you can learn new languages, read hundreds of books, and surf the web from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Get The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone for $119.40 (Reg. $199) with promo code BFSAVE40.

Retro TV Game Console

They just don’t make video games the way they used to. If you miss the days of pixelated graphics and 8-bit music, then this Retro TV Game Console will be a much-needed shot of nostalgia. It comes with two retro-style controllers and 620 classic games that you can reminisce over for hours.

Get this Retro TV Game Console for $28.76 (Reg. $35.95) with promo code BFSAVE20.

The Certified Cisco Power User Bundle

With more people working from home than ever, the demand for certified IT professionals has skyrocketed. There’s no better time to enter the field than now, and earning a Cisco certification is the perfect way to endorse your skills to potential employers. The Certified Cisco Power User Bundle features five courses on entry-level prep material that will help you study for the CCNA certification exam.

Get The Certified Cisco Power User Bundle for $12 (Reg. $39.99) with promo code BFSAVE70.

ProBASE Gen2 USB-C 3.1 Laptop Stand

If you use one of the newer MacBook models for your WFH setup, chances are you have a mess of cables sticking out of a single USB-C dock. The ProBASE Gen2 offers an elegant solution by hiding a USB-C dock inside a dual-purpose stand. All you have to do is plug a single cable into the stand, which features memory cards, display output, power delivery, and more. 

Get the ProBASE Gen2 USB-C 3.1 Laptop Stand for $115.99 (Reg. $144.99) with promo code BFSAVE20.

Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages)

Do you remember how you learned your maiden language? It definitely wasn’t in a classroom. We learned our first language through practical conversational skills, and Babbel does the same. With a lifetime subscription, you get access to lessons in 14 different languages, and your progress is validated with speech recognition technology that reinforces proper pronunciation. 

Get a Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) for $299 (Reg. $399).

The Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science Certification Training Bundle

Data science is used in every industry, and learning how to use tools like Excel and VBA will allow you to gain insights from large data sets. This 13-course training bundle will teach you how to perform advanced data analysis in Excel by automating your workflow with Python and VBA, data visualization with charts and graphs. The final course illustrates how to analyze spreadsheet data and create apps in Amazon Honeycode, further broadening your skillset. 

Get The Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science Certification Training Bundle for $26.52 (Reg. $88.40) with promo code BFSAVE70.

12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription

It’s hard to build a daily reading habit if you don’t have much time to yourself. Luckily, 12min’s digital library is filled with hundreds of bestselling books that have been synthesized and condensed into micro books that can be consumed within 12 minutes. The 12min team adds 30 new books each month, so you’ll always have new content to explore.

Get a 12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription for $35.40 (Reg. $59) with promo code BFSAVE70.

Prices subject to change.


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