It wasn’t that long ago when a 13.3-inch Android tablet sounded like it was some sort of gigantic exaggeration. Of course, we were quick to learn that Toshiba was very much interested in releasing that tablet as a commercial product, and sure enough, the company ended up announcing it as the Excite 13. Surely, we must have been getting close to the upper limit on the practical size for a tablet, right? Don’t tell that to ViewSonic, which is apparently working on a 22-inch Android device that seems more monitor than tablet.

ViewSonic intends to demonstrate the 22-inch giant as part of its “Touch and Connect” series of devices at the upcoming Computex in Taiwan. The company is calling the device a “smart business tablet monitor”, which only rasies more questions about how ViewSonic intends we use its device. Is this going to be what’s essentially a touchscreen monitor for use with external devices, but with a built-in Android system as a secondary option? Will it even have an internal power source, or will it be intended for use plugged-in at a desktop? If it’s ultimately meant to be portable, just how much is this baby going to weigh?

Hopefully, we’ll get the answers to many of those once Computex starts on June 5. Even then, we’ll probably be left wondering if this is as large an Android as the market will bear, or if we’ve yet to hit the tablet size ceiling.

Source: Engadget
Via: Android Spin

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