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Text-Based Clock and Battery Widgets for Android

By Legacy October 26, 2010, 4:33 am

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional clock and battery widgets, here are some options that may fit the bill. Out of XDA comes Clockr, a new text-based clock widget designed for the true minimalist. Instead of dressed up numerical digits, the numbers are represented in their respective word forms. So, the time 12:34 would actually read as “twelveTHIRTYfour,” with the middle word in all capital letters to make the string more legible. It’s just a unique way to literally read the time. Similarly, BattStatt is a battery widget that can be coupled with Clockr to follow the text-based look.

Both Clockr and BattStatt (pictured above) are available in the Android Market for free. The next major update to Clockr will include customizing options. There’s also a paid version of BattStatt, which gives the user the ability to customize as well.

Although the time isn’t text-based in the third widget pictured below, I found that TypoClock does a good job of matching BattSatt. It’s new and not available in the Market yet, but you can grab it from XDA-developers.

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