Maybe Tesla should just stick with the 100-megawatt lithium-ion battery in Adelaide, South Australia. Or even electric car superchargers. Not a phone charger that looks like a supercharger.

Elon Musk’s main muse is now selling a Powerbank for $45. It has some interesting design with integrated flat cables with USB and Lightning cables. There’s also a detachable micro-USB connector — yes, micro-USB in the age of USB-C. Its capacity is 3,350mAh and it outputs a maximum of 7.5W.

That’s what you get for your money — a conservative device with the value addition of it looking like the supercharger monument. It doesn’t act like the supercharger, though.

Anker, Aukey, RAVPower and plenty of other ODMs have better, more economical options. Jackery on Amazon has a similar design. Just saying.

Still, if you want it, the source link below this story has it all for you.

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