When the Nokia Lumia 530 launched back in July of 2014, it was already an incredibly low-priced smartphone: carriers had it for $80, then $50, and by this time last year retailers were already discounting the phone down to a mere $35. If you thought Microsoft was practically giving the phone away back then, you weren’t far off, but it looks like there’s still some unsold stock to move, and the companies that have it now are ready to do anything they can to make those sales happen.

US Mobile just filled us in on a deal it’s about to get going that offers users a Lumia 530 on a no-contract prepaid account for a mere $10.

That’s it: for less than you’d pay for a large popcorn at the movies, you could take home a smartphone. Not the best smartphone by a long shot, sure, and your Windows 10 update odds aren’t looking too hot at all, but come on – it’s ten bucks.

If you’re the kind of klutz who’s constantly losing or destroying your phone, here’s a full-on phone that costs less than what some carriers charge for just one month of smartphone insurance.

US Mobile, as you may recall, has a build-your-own plan structure that gives users fine-grained control over the minutes, texts, and data they need. Beyond existing deals, we also learn that today the carrier’s introducing a new $30 price for its 5GB data option. Sales of the $10 Lumia 530 open in one week.

Source: US Mobile

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