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Tello might be the name of a walkie-talkie app, but it’s now also the name of a Sprint virtual network operator. It is the latest prepaid carrier to offer custom buckets of talk time, texts and data to prospective users.

One postpaid carrier, Ting, happens to be a competing Sprint MVNO. It’s now being put at a heavy price disadvantage if users want more with Tello’s introduction. One sore point is in the data offerings: Ting’s price of $29 gets users up to 2GB before going into per-megabyte prorated charges while Tello offers 2GB of LTE data for $21 and up to 5GB of LTE data for $45. Furthermore, Tello doesn’t charge overages if users go past their data ceiling, but reduces speeds down to 2G levels.

A few other select comparisons follow:

Scenario Tello Ting
100 minutes $3 $3
500 minutes $10 $9
Unlimited minutes $15 $35 for 2100 min. + 1.9¢ per extra min.
Minimum texts 200 texts for $2 100 texts for $3
Unlimited texts $3 $11 for 4801 texts + .25¢ per extra text
500MB data $8 $12
2GB data $16 $29
5GB data $45 $74 ($29 for 2GB then 1.5¢ per extra MB)

We should also note that while Ting charges a monthly per-device fee of $6, Tello does not offer multi-line plans. Also, Tello’s rate plans have fees and taxes included in its pricing while Ting’s tacks them on during billing. Tello also offers pay-as-you-go credit that can be used for domestic and international calls, texts and data. Of course, this is all moot if you’re not a Sprint fan. T-Mobile MVNO US Mobile does offer slightly cheaper rates and more device choices.

But then again, who said more choices were bad for the industry?

Source: Tello
Via: Android and Me

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