TellMe App Extracted from Samsung Intrepid, Now Available

Many of you have been waiting patiently for the release of TellMe, a free voice command app, which was promoted to be available for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. In case you’re not familiar with the app, it basically lets you call/text contacts and search the internet for location-based results – all using your voice. It’s a nifty way to avoid diving into multiple screens to complete a task. Check out the software tour of the Samsung Intrepid to see it in action.

While the TellMe website has been mentioning for months that it’ll be available for Windows Phones running WM6.5, it’s still not officially attainable for devices not named the Samsung Intrepid. Fortunately for us, an impatient user has extracted the TellMe installer from the Intrepid and it seems to be working for other devices (even those running WM6.1). Continue reading to find out where you can get it and other relevant information.

Thanks to Pixelwix from PPCGeeks, the TellMe installer has been extracted and is ready for download. There seems to be mixed reports on whether the app installs or not, but I can confirm that I have it working on a Touch Pro and Touch Pro2. Some Touch Diamond, Vogue, Xperia X1 and Omnia users have also confirmed that it works on their devices. Unfortunately, touch screen features are not working within the app for most, but it still functions properly using the on-screen left and right soft keys. For example, to send a text that you’ve transcribed, you must click the right soft key (“edit”) and then “send.”

Although you’re not able to use touch capabilities with the extracted app, it’s still a great way to preview an app that should become widely available in the coming months. Hopefully the guys at PPCGeeks or our friends at XDA-developers can find a way to get it fully functioning. Grab it from PPCGeeks, unzip the file, place it on your device and then run the installer. If you give it a try, let us know if you were able to get it to work and also which device you’re using.

Note: the installer worked flawlessly on a Touch Pro2. For the Touch Pro, it seemed to hang after 80% and quit. The workaround was to look for the created shortcut using the start menu and then launch it. After that, everything seemed to work fine.

Update: a CAB file has been put together for easy installation and it seems to be working for those who had trouble with the previous file, check it out.

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