The new WhatsApp privacy regulations have forced users to shift to other messaging apps. Now, these ‘other’ apps are rolling out features to their offerings to make them stand out. Telegram is one of them. The company has announced WebZ and WebK Web apps that come with almost identical features but with a few differences in design. As per Telegram, it believes in internal competition and, therefore, has launched two different versions of its Web app. The two apps are touted to work equally well on mobile and desktop devices. They come with the latest features like stickers, dark mode, animations, and more.

Telegram has launched two new Web apps. The development was first spotted by DroidMaze. Both Telegram WebZ and Telegram WebK are listed under the “Web Apps” on the company website. If you want to use any of the two apps, you must have the Telegram mobile app installed on your smartphone. The web apps will ask for your phone number, and once you enter it to log in, you will receive a message in the Telegram mobile app with the code. You can also log in by scanning the QR code, like WhatsApp.

Both the new Telegram Web apps include a variety of features, including the support for animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders and more. According to Telegram, Version Z and Version K have “major features that are not yet supported or not fully implemented.” However, users were welcome to send feedback. The two apps look similar to each other. They support most of the features you likely need for your day-to-day Telegram usage, says the company. That said, the Telegram WebZ app does not have a bell icon to activate notifications. however, it comes with a colorful background.

Telegram had registered a surge in users in the past quarter when WhatsApp announced a change to its privacy terms earlier this year. The app is said to have registered 25 million new users in three days.

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