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Telegram adds a live group voice chat feature and ability to store app data on an SD card

By Nadeem Sarwar December 23, 2020, 10:00 am
Telegram voice live chat update

The Telegram apps for Android and iOS (v7.3) and its desktop client (v2.5.1) has received a new update that brings a host of new features to the table. The most prominent one of them is live voice chats. Now, to remove any confusion, live voice chats will co-exist alongside the regular group calls feature, but they work in a fashion similar to voice channels on Discord.

Telegram live group voice chat

When a live group voice chat begins, users will see a bar (on iOS) or a floating overlay (on Android) that lets them easily perform actions such as mute / unmute the mic, turn on the speaker, or leave the live group voice call. The best part is that an ongoing voice chat won’t hinder the rest of the app’s functions on iOS, which means you can continue your text and media-based conversation, browse other chats and check other functions in the app. 

On Android, the level of flexibility you have is even higher. An ongoing group voice chat turns into a system-wide floating widget, which means the app continues running in the background while you do other tasks. The floating widget minimizes into a small mic icon for an even cleaner look. Telegram says its live voice chat feature is good enough for a few thousand participants. 


Another useful feature that has arrived with the latest Telegram update is that users can now move their Telegram data to a microSD card, ensuring that the app data doesn’t hog onboard storage. Additionally, the Telegram desktop and macOS client has gained a new push-to-talk key shortcut for quickly controlling the mic. 

For Telegram users on iOS, Siri can now read their incoming messages out loud using the Announce Messages feature. On Android, Telegram users will see new animations while interacting with the message counter, using the ‘New MEssage’ button, managing chat folders, or opening someone’s profile page. New animated emojis have also arrived on the app’s Android client, and a public bugs and suggestions platform has also been launched.

Source: Telegram


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