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TCL responds to BlackBerry KEYone display mishaps

By Jules Wang June 11, 2017, 9:28 pm

A few BlackBerry fans complained about one issue that’s been staring right at their faces. The problem was made painfully clear by Zack Nelson and a bend test video on his YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything. Well, someone clearly has their ear to the ground and has responded.

The KEYone has proven to be the tech critic’s reason to love an enterprise brand again with decent performance, a great keyboard and superlative battery life. Just so, the smartphone has customers all in a daze as well.

But its display, while unique and deemed fit for purpose, has some trouble on particular units. It can pop out of its fixed position with a simple flex of the chassis or a short drop to the floor. In most cases, the display remains operational and it can be popped back into its slot, but obviously, this stuff doesn’t bode well for long-term durability.

Nelson pointed out in his commentary that a simple fix could implemented on the assembly line: proper adhesive, just like how almost every other OEM has it.

TCL, which manufactures the phone under the subsidiary BlackBerry Mobile, told CrackBerry in part that:

While the BlackBerry KEYone is being met with great enthusiasm, we are aware of the concerns around potential display separation on the device. Out of the thousands of BlackBerry KEYone smartphones that have been shipped and sold globally, only a very small handful of customers have reported this kind of issue.

Our teams are actively examining additional adhesive measures that might further strengthen and eliminate any possibility of display separation occurring. If a customer does experience this however, they’re encouraged to contact us for a device warranty replacement.

In addition to doing the right thing by offering warranty support, the company is also publicly announcing that it is treating the root problem. All we need to do now, as the press, is follow up.

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