TCL has multiple mobile properties now up in its sleeve. It took control of its mainline Alcatel brand a while back and has only recently truly grasped the reins of BlackBerry’s hardware releases.

What we often forget is that it also bought Palm back in 2015. With no webOS intellectual property and a diminished brand, there was an effort by TCL to spike excitement in Palm through a crowdsourcing project — it wanted to leverage whatever loyalty there was to the name to bring about a commercially-viable throwback. The promotional splash pages popped up at

Well, reports that the domain has been abandoned, likely around the time when “the new BlackBerry announcement” came about at CES. The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine took almost daily snapshots of the webpage through the few years it has existed. A final snapshot was taken on December 27, 2016.

And so, it is easy come, easy go as TCL takes in BlackBerry and leaves Palm untouched for now.

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