Target reboots Apple Watch Black Friday deal, giving out free $100 gift cards again

As expected, Apple Watch discounts were few and far between even during the year’s busiest shopping days, with sales not really requiring promotional boosts and Cupertino as focused on hefty profit margins as always.

Still, a handful of third-party US retailers managed to cut prospective “iWatch” buyers some surprisingly attractive deals, one of the most generous electronics merchants of all probably being Target. Of course, the traditional time for giving is yet to come, so it’s nice to see the seller’s holiday spirit rekindled through December 12 for more complimentary gift cards.

Online orders only of any and all Apple Watch configurations once again qualify for $100 coupons, which however can’t be used towards the actual purchase of the iPhone-compatible wearable device. Nonetheless, everybody likes free stuff, and a Benjamin’s worth should score you a couple of thoughtful Christmas presents from or brick and mortar stores. Just remember to use the gift cards by December 25.

It’s likely needless to highlight the cheapest Watch Sport models cost $349 a pop, while more premium variants made of stainless steel, with ceramic backs, sapphire crystal screens and plastic bands will require you cough up 550 bucks. Finally, Target, just like Apple itself, charges $650 and up for non-Sport timepieces wrapped around your wrist by “Milanese Loop” straps.

Want something even glitzier, maybe constructed out of solid gold? Then you probably don’t care very much about the $100 vouchers, so it’s not the end of the world that Target doesn’t sell any.

Source: Target

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